'A Time of Great Uncertainty'

An Interview with Pope Francis

Toward the end of March I suggested to Pope Francis that this might be a good moment to address the English-speaking world: the pandemic that had so affected Italy and Spain was now reaching the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Without promising anything, he asked me to send some questions. I picked six themes, each one with a series of questions he could answer or not as he saw fit. A week later, I received a communication that he had recorded some reflections in response to the questions. The interview was conducted in Spanish; the translation is my own.

 -Austen Ivereigh 

Pope Francis says pandemic can be a 'place of conversion'

The first question was about how Pope Francis was experiencing the pandemic and lockdown, both in the Santa Marta residence and the Vatican administration ("the curia") more widely, both practically and spiritually.

Pope Francis: The Curia is trying to carry on its work, and to live normally, organizing in shifts so that not everyone is present at the same time. It's been well thought out. We are sticking to the measures ordered by the health authorities. Here in the Santa Marta residence we now have two shifts for meals, which helps a lot to alleviate the impact. Everyone works in his office or from his room, using technology. Everyone is working; there are no idlers here. Read in full

source:                                    April 8, 2020

Reading St. Ignatius in a time of quarantine

Sean Salai, S.J.April 07, 2020

Father Jack P. Hanlon

Fr. Hanlon was one of Clonlife most well-known former students, He had begun exhibiting the Royal Hibernian Academy at the age of 21 while studying for the priesthood. Many people will be aware that he spent much time studying art in France, but few would know that as well as exhibitions in Europe and the U.S. he exhibited at the Olympic Games in 1948. He also won several commissions from Hallmark! 

An exhibition of Fr. Hanlon's paintings was on display in Clonliffe last Friday evening and Fr. Damien Mc Neice, priest of the Diocese gave a talk on the artist priest's extraordinary life and work.


Click the link below to download the talk given by Fr. Damien Mc Neice, priest of the Diocese, on Fr. Jack P. Hanlon's extraordinary life and work.