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Pilates Workout for Lower Body

10 Minutes workouts: see a substantial shift in mindset, mood, and the way your body physically feels

HIIT Routine

No Equipment / Low Impact Modifications. This is an intense routine, meant to really push both the lungs and the muscles. 

15 Minute Bodyweight Cardio Workout for Fat Burn and Energy Boost

This bodyweight only cardio workout uses a series of dynamic, moderate intensity intervals to work the entire body.

Tank Top Arms Workout

 9 minute workout focuses on shoulders, arms & upper back If you want toned, defined, and lean arms, this is a great workout to help you reach your goals.

Lower Body Active Static Strength Workout - Strength and Endurance Burnout

This workout tries to incorporate the two types of muscle fibers in skeletal muscle, fast twitch (think strength and power) and slow twitch (think endurance and high repetition), in the same routine.

Total Body Kettlebell Workout

 Fun and Tough Kettlebell Routine.

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15 min. Feel Good Total Body Cardio

 A series of dynamic, moderate intensity intervals to work the entire body. It's fun and adaptable for a variety of uses - the exercises can be as easy or as brutal as you need them to be.

Back Rehab and Core Conditioning Workout

Three in one routine: 1.Cooldown stretch,  to help loosen tight muscles ligaments and tendons. 2. Warm up for a sore and stiff core to help blood flow. 3. Workout building tone and strength to provide long-term stability.

Yoga with Adriene

An online community of over 6 million subscribers. Adriene publishes free Yoga Videos and has a library of over 500 free videos and growing.


Indoor Cycling Workout

"In time and with water, everything changes."  Da Vinci

20 Minutes Warm Up

This is a 20-minute session you can use as a gentle warm-up for a longer session or as a standalone session itself!

30 Minutes Intervals

Interval session perfect for burning fat and building your 30 second max effort. 

Torque Monster

A tough 40 minute interval session that will push your limits and help to improve your power output on the bike.

25 Minutes Sprint Intervals

It is perfect for building your overall fitness and boosting your peak sprint power.

60 Minutes Endurance Intervals

Fitness training session designed to improve your threshold and help you get used to producing power at different cadences!

Indoor Training on The Passo Giau

Increase your threshold power.